Do I have to be in a nursing home to receive the benefit?

No. As long as you are receivng the assistance of another person you can be at home,living in independent living, or an assisted living facility and still qualify for the benefit. The caregiver can be from home health care, a nurse, a friend, a family member, anyone (other than your spouse).

I was in the service during a wartime but never left the states, I was never in combat, can I still qualify?

Yes, the only requirement is that you or your spouse were in the service during a defined wartime period.

How long will this benefit last, how will it be paid, and will I owe taxes?

The benefit is payable as long as you are receiving assistance. It doesn't matter if that assistance is at home, in an assisted living facility, or a nursing home. The benefit is direct deposited to your bank account monthly and VA benefits are not taxable.

I have heard it can take a year or longer to begin receiving the benefit, is that correct?

Once qualified all payments are retroactive to the date the application was received by VA. It has been our experience that it usually takes VA four to six months to process the application if the application is completed correctly and all documentation needed is submitted with the application. We have recently had WWII veterans that have gotten their first check in as little as six weeks.

Are you going to try to sell me any products or make me move my investments?


Client Testimonials

As the wife of a veteran I did not even know that I was entitled to $1056 per month. I must confess, I really did not believe you. Now I have my first check and you did it all. You kept telling me it was simple if you just followed the guidelines and provided all the documents and you were right. Thank you for handling everything.

- Dorothy J. -

We had been told by others that it could take 12 months before my Dad would be qualified by VA for any benefit. We decided to let you handle it. We just got the letter stating he is eligible for $1644 per month and it only took 6 weeks. Six weeks, not twelve months. We did not have a clue how we were going to pay for his nursing home and now we have the funds in less than two months.

- Annette M. -

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