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Assisted Senior Benefits has been assisting seniors for 25+ years. A free consultation is offered to you concerning VA Aid & Attendance and Medicaid. We have helped hundreds qualify for Aid & Attendance and Medicaid. Even if you have been turned down in the past, call ASB today.

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(615) 724-1880

10541 Cedar Grove Rd Ste. 120

Smyrna, Tn 37167

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(817) 589-1887

PO Box 77061

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Client Testimonials

The first time we met I was skeptical, why didn't we know about this already, maybe this was a scam. But you reassured us that we didn't have to buy any insurance, we didn't have to move our parents' investments, Dad could get $1291 each month to help with Mom's care and all we had to do was submit the correct paperwork, that just sounded too good to be true. But it was true. We got our letter telling us that she was awarded the full benefit. It took six months, like you said, but the payments go back to when we submitted the application. Dad is so happy he can afford to keep Mom home. We believe you now.

- Henry H. -

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